Muse music videos: Black Holes and Revelations


let’s talk about what a fab human dan radcliffe is…

What was the all around emotion like when you got the call to play Star Lord in this huge Marvel movie? I was calm, I felt as though I knew I had an incredible amount of work to do and although I was feeling excited I immediately went into smooth operator mode and slowly starting chipping away at the mountain of work that I had in front of me. Also, I had a boner.



God these kids today with their trek wars and their star star

Star star

"Before Michael and I even met, I was already willing to go with him and be open to him, because I was like, ‘This guy’s fuckin’ brilliant’. Not to be too fuckin’ up your ass or anything like that, but the thing that elevated First Class for me was working with you."
— James McAvoy on Michael Fassbender (via mcavoyclub)


plucking your eyebrows is legitimately very stressful because you pull out one wrong hair and it’s game over


Since some people have been asking, I posted on youtube a video of the ceremony with only James’ part. Enjoy the kilt, everyone! :D